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Rearing fishes is one of the most popular hobbies in the world today. Almost everyone has had, at one time or another, reared fishes before.

Not all of us rear them in extravagant fish tanks aquariums of course; it could have been in small fish tanks, fish bowls or even in simple tubs. But increasingly, people are moving from rearing fishes in simple tanks to bigger fish tanks aquariums.

With larger and more complicated fish tanks aquariums, people are becoming more interested in sophisticated fish keeping techniques and information. Fish tanks aquariums are a wide and varied field of knowledge and choices. It’s not as simple as just keeping fishes.

Fish tanks aquariums can be saltwater type, freshwater type, and more recently reef types as well. Besides the type of aquarium you want to set up, you can set them up in different types of tanks. They can differ in material like glass or acrylic, or they can differ in settings, like wall mounted or stand mounted.

Not only do you have to consider the type of fish you are keeping, you have to be concerned with basically everything about a fish’s life. This includes the water, its mineral content, temperature, pH; the food which the fishes eat; the living environment which is made up or other living organisms like water plants, algae, and also other non-living things like rocks, décor and such for fishes to live in. Fishes don’t just live in a big tank of water, they need an environment.

Besides those, you have to take care of the fishes, so that includes watching out for common diseases, cleaning and maintaining your tank as well as its water quality. Fishes themselves generate waste, so maintenance is not only about cleanliness. It also about the things you can’t see, nitrates and sulphur which can poison your fishes. Others include oxygen and carbon dioxide level, which are not observable with the naked eye.

Fish tanks aquariums are not only houses for your ornamental fishes, but they themselves have become part of the decoration in your home. They can be seen to be part of your household furniture, taking on exotic shapes other than the tradition rectangular fish tanks.

Fish tanks aquariums today come in a huge array of styles, not only in shape, but also in interior design to make them some of the most alluring piece of furniture at home. They can be decorated with various scenes of the sea or underwater, and the mood can be reinforced with appropriate lighting.

Some fish tanks aquariums are even incorporated into other types of furniture, like dining tables with the fish tank as its table top, or a coffee table with the same. Other innovative fish tanks aquariums like tower aquariums can also act as lamp stands.

Keeping fishes in fish tanks aquariums is not a cheap or easy hobby. It takes a lot of reading to find out and understand more about fish tanks and the fishes you are keeping. You don’t want to keep fishes only to end up causing their deaths. Knowledge on the fishes are not the only requirement, you will need discipline and spend time taking care of your fish tanks and fishes. Like rearing any pet, rearing fishes is a responsibility that takes time and effort.

With time and effort, your fish tanks aquariums will become one of your most prized possessions in your home that you will always be proud to display to visiting guests.

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